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Yeladim Ha El Shaddai was founded with a divine dream. On May 9, 2012 Yahweh gave me a dream. In that dream, I saw children dancing, singing and worshiping before Yahweh.  They were dancing to a song that I recognized, a song I sang many times growing up. "El Shaddai." As I saw these children dancing, I noticed that they were wearing white and blue. I saw a symbol on the right side of their blouse or shirt. It was the Star of David. I remember how beautifully they sang and danced to this song. Shortly after the song, I woke up.

I asked the Yahweh what this dream meant. He said "I want you to bless my children in Israel." Not knowing how to do what he told me, I asked "Yahweh, how can I bless you children in Israel." He replied, "I will show you how."  So, immediately, I called my friend Ardith in New York and told her about my dream. She was excited and we started to work on getting a name together for helping the children in Israel. As we searched for a name, we knew that it would  be a foundation for the children of Israel. This foundation blesses the children in shelter homes, children in orphanages,  children of wounded soldiers in that war. It is a privilege and honor to bless the children and WE ​will be a part of this great mission.


~Gilda Muro